From its inception, Datilera Del Desierto has offered its clientele a wide range of presentations around the world. From 227g plastic containers to 15kg bulk cartons and many sizes in between, Datilera Del Desierto will surely satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

Many years of experience and stringent standards from our quality control department enable us to produce dates of optimum quality. 

It is because of these high standards that we have become the leading date producer in Mexico, exporting all around the world including Australia, South America, North America and Europe. 

Between 1967 and 1972, Datilera Del Desierto started with the planting of 7,000 palm trees that were imported from Indio, Ca. with the varieties of Medjool (originally from Morocco), Deglet Noor (Algeria), Halawy and Zahidy (both from Iraq). From 1980 until today, we have grown exponentially From those original 7,000 palms.